Author/s: Damian Glynn, with Sue Taylor and Steven NockBasic BI Book

Business Interruption insurance is often seen as a complex subject that requires specialist knowledge to handle claims. So where do you start if you want to understand the basics?

Renowned BI practitioners, Damian Glynn, Sue Taylor and Steven Nock, have written the Basic Business Interruption Book to help insurance professionals get to grips with the fundamentals of business interruption claims.

This short, easy to read book will guide you through the principles of business interruption insurance and what is commonly covered by policies. Using simple examples, the writers explain how policy cover operates in practice and how to calculate what is payable under the policy. The book does not assume any detailed prior knowledge and all arcane terminology is explained using everyday language.

Being able to discuss and explain business interruption insurance is a vital part of being a commercial claims professional. This book will give you a fantastic foundation on which to build your knowledge of the subject.


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