The Future Focus group represents the next generation of loss adjusters (and other claims professionals) on the CILA Council to ensure that their views and needs are considered and reflected within Institute activities. The group undertakes activities with the aim of encouraging CILA members to achieve CILA qualifications, predominantly focussing on members with no CILA qualifications at present.

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SIG Committee


Neil Powell - Davies Group Ltd


  • Luke Brannigan - Cunningham Lindsey UK
  • Mahesh Ganesan - McLarens
  • Stephanie Niblett - Cunningham Lindsey UK

Latest Updates

We are delighted to announce this fantastic volunteer opportunity


Destiny and Prospects are words that will excite and energise the young Chartered members who will have the desire to put their name forward for this exciting volunteer role. 
What is the role?
We are looking for a young Chartered member (under 35 years) to take the role of Chair of the Future Focus Group for one year. 
What will the Chair do?
The Chair will lead a team of young members to plan project ideas. The Chair will then lead a presentation on the proposals, direct to the Executive Committee, to gain support for one or more their ideas. 
The Chair will then ensure that the team delivers the selected project(s) and will lead progress updates to the Executive Committee over the year. 
Could it be me?
This is an opportunity for someone who is keen to demonstrate team leadership, creativity, team development and delivery on projects that will provide benefits to members in line with the Charter objectives.
How do I apply?
Chartered members who are keen to apply should apply using the button. Their email should explain in no more than 300 words why they believe they have the skills and competence to hold this role.

The Institute will provide appropriate training and support therefore applicants may wish to include aspects where they consider they have a development need.

All applications should be submitted no later than the Tuesday, 26 August.

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Have a look in the CILA Technical library. Papers and presentations that were previously produced by our SIGs are often filed there for the benefit of members.

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