Tuesday, 12th May 2020

Would you like the option to sit a CILA exam at home?

We know that many CILA members are frustrated that they have been unable to progress with CILA exams due to restrictions associated with the coronavirus.

The Institute team have been busy working with our exam partners, Pearson Vue, to progress an online alternative and we are pleased to advise that the option to sit a CILA exam at home will be available by late June.

So what is online proctoring?

Let’s start with the word “proctoring” - the Cambridge dictionary definition of the verb proctor is “to watch people taking an exam in order to check that they do not cheat”.

Online proctoring involves a proctor (invigilator) who remotely monitors exam candidates through the computers on which the candidates are completing their exams. In order to sit an exam at home with online proctoring, you will need:

  • A quiet, private location
  • A reliable device with a webcam
  • Strong internet connection

If you are interested in learning more about online proctoring visit the Pearson Vue website at:


Online Exams


Next steps

We will provide a further update in the week beginning 25th May to explain how CILA members can book an exam using online proctoring. We will also provide more information on the steps you will need to take to prepare for an online proctored exam sitting. Please note there will be no additional charge to sit an exam using online proctoring.

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