Wednesday, 26th Sep 2018

Attainment of a CILA qualification requires time, effort and dedication and so to be the highest performing candidate in your qualification category is an extra special achievement. Our 2018 Qualification Award Winners were recognised by the CILA community and the Institute team at the CILA Awards Dinner on 20th September.

Sarah Durkin, Sedgwick - Institute Prize
Chloe Nickless, Crawford & Company - Cuthbert Buckle Prize
Duke Reid, Sedgwick - Diploma Prize
Alex Manson, Sedgwick - Certificate Prize

These individuals were the highest performing candidates in their respective qualifications between August 2017 and July 2018 and received a trophy and cash prize in acknowledgement of their achievements. (John Armstrong of Sedgwick collected the Diploma Prize on behalf of Duke Reid.)

Sarah Durkin

Chloe Nickless

Alex Manson

John Armstrong collecting the Diploma Prize on behalf of Duke Reid

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CILA Qualification Award Winners 2018

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