Wednesday, 22nd Dec 2021

A message from The CILA President, Helena Evans, on our 60th Anniversary of Chartered status.


Today is CILA's 60th Birthday!

On 22 December 1961 the Association of Fire Loss Adjusters which was set up predominantly to deal with damage as a result of the bombing in World War II, was granted a Royal Charter to recognise its achievements in the monitoring of professional standards and the conduct of its members.Thus, The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters was formed. 

From the very beginning the key principles and ethos of the profession has always been ‘Truth and Equity’ as depicted in our Coat of Arms. 

This and our main purpose was seeded in the first parts of the Charter:

  1. To advance the study of the profession of loss adjuster.
  2.  To promote the efficiency and usefulness of the profession of loss adjuster by requiring the observance of strict rules of professional conduct. 

These have and continue to be the roots of our Institute since it began. 

To recognise our growth and to celebrate our 60th year the CILA will be planting 60 trees. 

The reason for this is twofold, to symbolise that

Mighty Oaks from little acorns grow

 The Institute has grown from strength to strength over the last 60 years. From small beginnings to its current standing in the industry as the voice of authority on claims where the expertise of a Chartered Loss Adjuster is recognised and sought after throughout the insurance industry. We now have a diverse global membership of over 4,600 members. In the last 12 months 5% of those members have gained qualifications and over 25% have taken exams an achievement that shows our members desire to continue their professional development.

Planting Trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit …

In my first message as the CILA President I detailed one area of focus for my Presidential year which is to reach out to the younger generation and to continue with the promotion of our qualifications.

Planting trees is a symbol of our intention to support the younger generation of Loss Adjusters. The desire to mentor, train and encourage them to gain the Chartered Status and to follow in the footsteps of the current members who have such a passion for their profession and hold the prestige and personal achievement of being a Chartered Loss Adjuster. By doing so we will ensure that the Institute continues to grow in strength for future generations. 

Last month I was invited to attend the FUEDI AGM who are running a ‘Next Generation’ project of which CILA will take part. This also ties in with the theme of our focus. FUEDI are looking for a nominated candidate from each of the member associations and the CILA will be rolling out a competition amongst the rising stars of our membership to take part in this.  

We will continue to celebrate our birthday throughout the year with various events and initiatives to promote the usefulness of our members and our profession, demonstrating how proud we are of the Institute and continuing to promote the standing of a Chartered Loss Adjuster in the industry. 

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