Monday, 25th Nov 2019

In line with the work being carried out by the Women in CILA group surrounding vulnerable customers, Candy Holland represented the CILA at an enlightening talk, in collaboration with the Insurance Institute of London, which shone a light on the hidden world of victims of economic abuse.

The lead speaker, Dr Sharp-Jeffs from the charity SEA (Surviving Economic Abuse), delivered a powerful speech supported by individual case studies of real victims of economic abuse. Dr Sharp-Jeffs eloquently explained how economic abuse is interwoven into domestic abuse and highlighted that it is a little recognised issue within our profession and the wider insurance sector. The aim of the charity SEA is to raise awareness of economic abuse and transform responses to it. Examples were provided where the situation of victims/survivors of domestic abuse were compounded by the fact that their abusers had cancelled insurance policies without the victim’s knowledge leaving them additionally vulnerable where an incident or catastrophe occurred.

Loss adjusters entering people’s homes could be meeting victims of economic abuse. Our profession has committed to support vulnerable customers and so it becomes incumbent upon us to explore and to understand the broad range of people who can fall into this category.

A compelling talk leaving a huge question of how the insurance profession will build resources and support to assist victims of economic abuse.

Michelle Haynes, BA (Hons) ACII FCILA FUEDI-ELAE

You can find further information about Economic Abuse on the SEA website at

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Economic abuse and the Insurance Industry

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