Friday, 22nd Sep 2017

The work of the Institute relies upon experienced members sharing their knowledge and expertise, however in order to do this a member has to commit time and put in effort, typically on top of their day job.

The CILA Secretariat Award recognises those members who make this commitment, giving back to their profession and making significant contributions to the activities of our Institute.

This year the CILA Secretariat Award has been awarded to Mike Weatherhead of Vericlaim UK for his work in relation to the CILA Property SIG. Alison Gamble from the Institute team said “Mike is an absolute pleasure to work with. Whether it is producing technical material, arranging seminars or delivering webinars, Mike takes on the task with no complaints and we are always confident that the outcome will be professional, informed and popular with the membership.”

A huge thanks to Mike and to all members who volunteer and support the work of our Institute.

Institute News
Mike Weatherhead wins CILA Secretariat Award 2017

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