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Advanced Diploma
Advanced Diploma

Advanced Diploma

The CILA Advanced Diploma requires you to have a thorough understanding of the principles of insurance and how these may be applied in the handling of claims.  This qualification provides you with the opportunity to specialise in the adjustment of a specific type of claim, from a choice of: Property (Domestic), Property (Commercial), Liability, Business Interruption, Subsidence or Aviation. The Advanced Diploma is perfect for those who wish to handle more complex claims as part of their career progression.

Download Advanced Diploma Qualification Summary Sheet

To obtain the CILA Advanced Diploma qualification you must pass the following exams:

1. AD1 - Application of the Principles of Insurance
3½ hour computer based essay exam comprising 5 questions from a choice of 6.

2. AD2 - Adjustment of Claims
3½ hour computer based essay exam comprising 5 questions from a choice of 6. The AD2 exam includes questions which are relevant to particular types of insurance. In advance of the exam sitting, candidates are therefore asked to select an AD2 exam paper from a choice of: Property (Domestic), Property (Commercial), Liability, Business Interruption or Subsidence or Aviation.

Entry to the Advanced Diploma exams is open to CILA members who hold the CILA Diploma, or to any member who has passed one of the former Advanced Diploma exams (C1, C2 and C3) in the previous 6 years.

There are no exemptions available for either of the Advanced Diploma exams (AD1 and AD2).

The CILA Advanced Diploma qualification requires you to undertake your own reading and research in preparation for the exams. There is a syllabus for each paper and we recommend that you use this as the framework for your study. To help get you started the Institute provides a recommended reading list, which you can download from the menu on the right.

We recommend that you allow between 100 to 120 hours of study for each paper.

CILA text books can be purchased from our publishers, Witherby at

The recommended exam text book, Property Insurance Law and Claims, can be purchased at a discounted price of £30 if you entered to sit a CILA exam. Please request by emailing . We will pass your details (including confirmation of your exam entry) to the publishers Witherby who will then contact you direct to arrange payment and delivery.

A marking scheme for the Advanced Diploma exams is available to download. Please note that this scheme is for guidance only and is intended to give an indication of the level of performance required to obtain each grade.

• AD1 - Application of the Principles of Insurance

Studying for the AD1 paper will give you a thorough understanding of the adjustment of claims. You will learn about warranties in fire and theft policies and special perils extensions. You will study the principle of subrogation and appropriate rights of recovery, such as negligence, nuisance, trespass, contract and statutory. You also will gain an understanding of different legal entities and explore various aspects of policy cover, for example, first loss policies and average conditions. You will research the practical application of typical domestic insurance policies and learn procedures relating to the investigation of extent of loss and validation of quantum. You will also gain an understanding of arbitration, the Financial Ombudsman Service, ethics and treating the customer fairly.

The full AD1 syllabus can be found in thre Advanced Diploma Handbook.

• AD2 - Adjustment of Claims

Studying for the AD2 paper will further develop your understanding of adjustment of claims. You will learn about the reinstatement memorandum, day one reinstatement memorandum, public authorities’ clauses, contract price clause, professional fees clause, debris removal clauses and appreciation in value clause (escalator). You will also gain an understanding of business interruption cover, the different types of claim that can arise and methods of calculation. You will research building construction and obtain knowledge of CDM regulations, party wall legislation, asbestos issues and wet/dry rot claims. You will learn about roles and responsibilites when Contractor Networks are engaged. In addition, you will study in depth the policy coverage and claims handling issues associated with your choice of paper.

The full AD2 syllabus can be found in thre Advanced Diploma Handbook.

Revised Advanced Diploma syllabi from September 2020

We regularly review our exam syllabi to ensure that it is up to date and relevant to the daily work of our members.

The CILA Examinations committee recently completed a review of our Advanced Diploma syllabi, with input from those who participate in our Special Interest Group (SIG) committees. Revised syllabi will apply to all Advanced Diploma exams (AD1 and AD2) which are sat from 1st September 2020 onwards.

The entry fee for each Advanced Diploma exam is £200:

AD1 = £200

AD2 = £200

Total = £400

We recommend that you purchase your Advanced Diploma exam entries one at a time. This is because each exam entry comes in the form of a voucher which has an expiry date.

Please note that payment is made to the exam facilitator, Pearson VUE, and not the Institute.

1. CILA membership. Please note that you can only attain a CILA qualification if you are a member of the CILA. If you are not already a member, please apply for CILA membership via the following link:

2. Create a Pearson VUE account. The next step is to create your own online account with the exam facilitator Pearson VUE:  Please note that you will need your CILA membership number in order to create your Pearson VUE account.

3. Purchase learning material and exam voucher. The next step is to purchase the learning material and exam voucher/s for the exam/s you wish to sit:

Please note that each exam voucher has an expiry date and you must sit the exam within this date.

The Advanced Diploma exams can usually be sat at an exam centre close to your home or place of work and at a time that suits you. Simply follow the steps below to find your nearest exam centre and book your exam sitting.

  1. Locate exam centre. The exam centres are provided by the exam facilitator Pearson VUE. We recommend that you check the location of Pearson VUE exam centres via the Pearson VUE website

    If an exam centre is not available in your country, please contact the Institute for further assistance.

  2. Schedule your exam. When you feel ready to take an exam, you can schedule a date, time and location via the Pearson VUE website:

Prepare for your examination and try out the Pearson software so you are familiar with the examination format via Trial Examination


Nick Black

What our Members say

Becoming a Fellow of the CILA reflects the additional technical knowledge I gained in a practical way whilst investigating property claims including major losses. I am also able to mentor colleagues and assist instructing principals on technical issues and problem solving.

Nick Black, ACII, FCILA

Associate Director, Vrs Vericlaim