Property Adjuster


Property Adjuster

A property adjuster is someone who specialises in the handling and resolution of property insurance claims. Property insurance can cover all sorts of property but in general terms it covers buildings (e.g. houses, shops, factories) and contents (e.g. furniture, electrical items, machinery). Claims can range from relatively small thefts, storm damage or burst pipes to major incidents of fire and explosion devastating factories and industrial complexes.

Property adjusting is a mixture of office and field work and includes visiting properties where loss or damage has occurred; meeting and inter-acting with people from all walks of life and, above all, conducting yourself with professional integrity. A property adjuster needs empathy, professional skill and judgement to determine the validity of an insurance claim and to decide on appropriate steps to bring claims to a conclusion. You need to be able to work on your own initiative as well as, for larger claims, part of a highly skilled team, which may include surveyors, engineers and accountants. 

Whilst property adjusters can come from a range of backgrounds, your development as a loss adjuster will typically take place within a loss adjusting practice, with practical training and experience accumulated in tandem with study for professional qualifications. Progress through the CILA qualifications will be expected, with a view to obtaining Chartered status.

As your experience and skills increase, there will be greater opportunities and responsibilities, as well as rewards, both financial and in terms of job satisfaction. Attaining CILA qualifications can also lead to opportunities such as management roles, specialisation in a particular field of property adjusting or even setting up your own loss adjusting practice.

The specialist knowledge and expertise held by Chartered Loss Adjusters is recognised and respected throughout the world. This brings opportunity for international property adjusting roles, especially when there are natural disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes.

No two insurance claims are the same and, no matter how extensive the past experience, a busy property adjuster encounters and learns something new every day. It is a vastly diverse and interesting profession with immense job satisfaction for those with the commitment.

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