Liability Adjuster


Liability Adjuster

If you are looking for something challenging and different then a career as a Liability Loss Adjuster will more than satisfy your aspirations.  Working in the arena of Employers Liability, Public Liability, Product Liability and Professional Indemnity claims across these varied disciplines exposes a Liability Loss Adjuster to situations that vary from the simple and unexpected, to the complex and demanding.  A Liability Loss Adjuster acts on behalf of insurance companies to investigate, report upon and where required settle claims brought against their insureds by third parties.

Life as a Liability Loss Adjuster is varied; one day in a manufacturing unit determining why an employee has been injured on production machinery; the next discussing with a farmer how his herd of cattle caused a multiple accident on the highway adjoining his property; the next visiting architects to ascertain why the building they designed has proven defective.

Liability loss adjusting involves the art of investigation, where communication and political skills are to the forefront.  In addition to examining whether an Insured is legally liability, when dealing with Public Liability/Product Liability matters particularly, Policy liability considerations require a Liability Loss Adjuster to manage the Insured’s expectations.

As a Liability Loss Adjuster you will also be involved in the cut and thrust of settlement negotiations with those parties advising Claimants.  This may be other Adjusters, Solicitors or Insurers and in certain cases unrepresented Claimants.

The job is a mix of office and attending accident sites / Insured’s premises to conduct investigations.  Report writing is a key element of the role; getting the evidence across as accurately and succinctly as possible to enable an Insurer to make a decision on both legal and Policy liability.

Trainee Liability Loss Adjusters will invariably start with ‘slips and trips’ claims in order to develop both their investigation and report writing skills, at the same time accompanying more experienced Adjusters to expand their knowledge and expertise.  

Liability Loss Adjusters come from varied backgrounds: School/Universities/Insurers/Solicitors.  Liability Loss Adjusters are involved in handling civil liability claims and a legal background can be advantageous.  However, a large degree of common sense is necessary when conducting liability claims investigations across all disciplines.

If you relish a challenge, enjoy meeting people and are looking for a career which provides variety on a daily basis, then liability loss adjusting may well be the job for you. 

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