Step 1

Create an online My CILA account

Creating an online My CILA account will give you access to a range of activities via the CILA website, for example, registering for CILA events.  Once you have set up your online My CILA account you will be sent a confirmation email including your password which will enable you to login.

Step 2

Complete an Online Membership Application form using your My CILA account

Creating an online My CILA account is your first step towards membership.  The next step is to complete a short membership application form which you access via your online My CILA account.  To make it simple we include a link to the membership application section within the confirmation email you receive on setting up your My CILA account.

Need Help?

Need Help?

If you have questions or problems regarding the creation of your My CILA account or the completion of your membership application form, please contact the Institute team,  who will be happy to help.

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