If you are new to the Institute and do not hold a CILA qualification, you will start with one of our entry level memberships, Ordinary or Student. Your existing academic or professional qualification may provide an exemption from a CILA exam or enable you to enter the CILA Advanced Diploma exams but it will not affect the type of membership you should apply for.

To learn more about exam exemptions and entry points please read the Getting Qualified section of our website.

If you believe that you were previously a CILA member, please contact the Institute team via email at and provide your full name and date of birth. We will contact you within 3 working days to confirm whether we have found your previous membership record and to advise on the next steps for you to re-join the Institute.  Reactivating your previous membership record (rather than creating a new record) means that any historic exam or qualification progress can be taken into account.

The annual subscription fee for our entry level memberships (Ordinary or Student) is £55. Payment can be made online as part of the membership application process or by contacting the Institute via telephone. Please do not send debit or credit card details via email.

The CILA subscription year runs from 1st January to 31st December. You may join the Institute at any time during the year but please note that your next annual subscription will be due on 1st January in the following year.

You apply for CILA membership in 2 easy steps - Step 1. create an online My CILA account and Step 2. Complete the online membership application form using your My CILA account. Completing these 2 steps should take you no longer than 15 minutes and you will receive an immediate email to confirm you have applied for CILA membership.

The Institute team will then review and process your membership application. You will be contacted by the Institute, typically by email, within 3 working days of completing the online application form. This will either be to request more information or to confirm your membership number.

When you receive confirmation of your membership, along with your membership number, you will then be able to enter for a CILA exam.

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