Procedure for making a complaint:

You should submit your complaint in writing and include:


step1 The full name of the CILA member and their contact details.  This information will help us to locate the relevant membership record.  Please note you must establish that the individual is a member of the CILA before submitting your complaint.
step2 The name and contact details of the company that the individual was working for at the time relevant to your complaint.
step3 A full description of the behaviour or actions which you feel were a breach of the CILA guide to Professional Conduct.
step4 Any documentation to support your complaint
step5 Your permission for us to send the member a copy of your complaint in order that they may have the opportunity to respond to the issues raised.


Send to:

Malcolm Hyde,
Executive Director,
The Chartered Institute
of Loss Adjusters,
20 Ironmonger Lane,
London EC2V 8EP