A member must behave ethically and with integrity in all professional and business relationships, and must observe high standards of conduct generally, which may be contrary to their personal self-interest. Members should remember that they are engaged to act for clients and that the member-client relationship is characterised by trust and confidence. When engaged by a client in relation to their customer’s claim, members should understand that they are trusted by both parties to ensure that the promise provided for in the policy is fairly and promptly delivered.

Members must conduct themselves with courtesy and consideration to all people with whom they come into contact and in no way discriminate on the basis of age, disability, gender, marriage/civil partnership, race, religious belief, sex or sexual orientation. In all situations, members should ensure that their communications with all parties to a claim are accurate and easily understandable and appropriately reflect the particular needs of such parties.

Members should be aware that giving or receiving of gifts and/or the provision of hospitality may compromise, or be perceived to compromise, their objectivity. Members must not give or receive gifts or engage in hospitality with people with whom they have a business or professional relationship where this might create an improper advantage or give the perception of such an advantage. Anything received from a client’s customer or another material party to a claim would generally be inappropriate.

Members must be aware of and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Members are responsible for reporting their own breach(es) of the Guide.