Central to the role of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (“CILA” or “the Institute”) is providing guidance on the standards of professionalism expected of members. These are set out in this Guide to Professional Conduct (“the Guide”) which is subsidiary to the Institute’s Royal Charter (“Charter”) and Bye-Laws.

A principal objective of the Charter is to maintain high standards of professional practice. Under Article 2(m) of the Charter, the Institute is required to ensure that members’ conduct is compliant with the Guide (appropriate disciplinary measures to which members may be subject for breach of the Guide are set out in the Charter.)

This Guide uses the term “member” to include all classes of CILA membership (as detailed under Article 5 of the Charter), “member’s firm” to mean the firm employing a member, and “client” to mean the party that pays a professional fee in respect of the member’s professional activity.