Message from the CILA President – Professional standards to be proud of

It was a considerable honour to be elected as the President of this most professional and esteemed Institute. Following the AGM and conference, my first major duty and privilege was to address around 700 members and their guests at the CILA Annual Lunch. We are blessed to have the senior and important people of the insurance industry attending our lunch. The occasion highlights our role as the preeminent voice of authority in Claims. I was pleased to see so many of my Irish colleagues in attendance and to witness the excellent impression this event leaves on so many of all of our clients.

My role as your President is to continue the excellent work of my predecessors and to champion the high ethical and professional standards all of our members aspire to. These standards are built on the technical expertise which is measured by our qualification process.

Our Charter
Our Charter was granted in 1961 and was founded on strict rules of professional conduct. The evolutionary changes to our Charter has never lessened these rules and I commend all of our members to remind themselves of these periodically. This year we have signed up around 500 new members and each of these members, when welcomed to the fold, receive a copy of our Guide to Professional Conduct.

The first 45 minutes
My career as a loss adjuster started 34 years ago. My first exposure to the role was a visit to a burnt out bakery with an experienced colleague. The first 45 minutes of that meeting was very much a personal conversation with the owners as they talked about the history of their business, what it had meant to them as a family and the shock of the incident. We all have our tales from the adjusting front line, we understand the need and benefit of giving a person who has suffered what may well be a life changing loss the time to express their feelings, concerns and to be heard.

Assureds may have become “Policyholders” and Policyholders “Customers” but to loss adjusters they are always people who need and benefit from our empathy, professionalism and attention to finding solutions.

I will be pressing this message throughout this year and will be working with our industry partners including bodies such as the ABI, CII, III, IRM, AIRMIC. Additionally, I will be promoting your good work to the regulators of Ireland and the UK, as well as Government and relevant non-Governmental Organisations.

I am incredibly proud to be a Chartered Loss Adjuster and look forward to representing our profession and Institute in the year ahead.

CILA President