The Institute was granted a Royal Charter in 1961. This, together with the Guide to Professional Conduct, enables the Institute to exercise control over the professional standards and conduct of its members.

Executive Committee & Council

The CILA Council is the governing body for the Institute. Day to day activities are overseen by an Executive Committee, which is chaired by the CILA’s Executive Director.

CILA Committees

The work of the CILA is supported by committees, with each committee focusing on a particular aspect of Institute activity.

UK and Ireland areas

A Chartered member may be elected to the CILA Council to represent the particular interests of members in one of the following areas: London and Home Counties, Midlands, Northern, Southern, Western, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

CILA Secretariat

The activities of the Institute are supported by a team of full time employees known as the CILA secretariat. See the Contact Us page.

CILA Coat of Arms

History of the loss adjusting profession and the CILA arms

Read about the origins of loss adjusting, the creation of the CILA and the granting of our arms.

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