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This group had already formed itself before the concept of SIGs was introduced. With the outset of regulation, fraud, or rather prevention of fraud, has taken on a higher profile. Various industry groups, not least the ABI Anti-Fraud Committee had been formed and the founder members of...

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Anti Fraud Survey 2013 - Results Analysis

This report provides the results analysis of the Anti Fraud member survey 2013

Technical Bulletin 38 - Data Protection Act 1998: Section 56

The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) is based around eight principles of good information handling. These give everyone specific rights in relation to their own personal information and place obligations on those organisations that are responsible for processing it.

A criminal offence is created under section 56 of the DPA, commonly known as ‘enforced subject access’. This will occur where a person wishes and requests to see another individual’s criminal record, but chooses not to use the legally approved system.

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Anti-Fraud SIG Purposes Document

This document defines the purpose of the CILA Anti-Fraud Special Interest Group (AF SIG).

The AF SIG promotes the activities of its members and loss adjusting practices by demonstrating how we can assist insurers and others in the prevention, detection and management of fraudulent claims.

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Blue Chip Insurance Fraud - Not Just SMEs

Commercial insurance fraud is typically associated with smaller companies often going through a cash flow crisis. John Baldock head of GAB Robins...


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