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Welcome to the Anti-Fraud SIG

This group had already formed itself before the concept of SIGs was introduced. With the outset of regulation, fraud, or rather prevention of fraud, has taken on a higher profile. Various industry groups, not least the ABI Anti-Fraud Committee had been formed and the founder members of...

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Anti Fraud Survey 2013 - Results Analysis

This report provides the results analysis of the Anti Fraud member survey 2013

Technical Bulletin 37 - Update on Insurance Contract Law reform

For over seven years now, there has been a joint project of the Law Commission of England & Wales and the Scottish Law Commission, to look at reform of the law of insurance contracts. As the commissions have stated, “ the statutory provisions governing the law are outdated, uncommercial and out of step with the realities of 21st century business and insurance practices.”

The project approaches completion, with a Bill expected to be put before Parliament in early 2014. Because of the possible impact on the way insurance fraud is investigated, the Institute’s Anti Fraud SIG is watching developments closely, having been involved during the consultation process, and this technical bulletin is the result of a recent update report released by the Law Commissions.

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Anti-Fraud SIG Purposes Document

This document defines the purpose of the CILA Anti-Fraud Special Interest Group (AF SIG).

The AF SIG promotes the activities of its members and loss adjusting practices by demonstrating how we can assist insurers and others in the prevention, detection and management of fraudulent claims.

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viaEuropa Express

Rapid provissioning of Ordnance Survey mapping to assist with emergency event analysis, useful for major losses or handling surge events.

This service provides rapid access to seamless maps created from Ordnance Survey products including OS MasterMap® (Topography Layer with ITN) and OS VectorMap® Local. It also includes OS OpenData™ products at smaller scales and world maps from Europa Technologies. The service is available to any subscribing organisation and includes licensing for use on public facing websites.

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Shady Lane or Shady Fraudsters?

Ordnance Survey is Great Britain's national mapping agency, providing the most accurate and up-to-date geographic data, relied on by government, business and individuals. Producing a turnover of £120 million, Ordnance Survey's data underpins over a £100 billion of GDP within the UK. Less than 10% of our business now comes from paper maps; the remainder is from digital data; more and more businesses are starting to benefit from location intelligence.

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Chairman - Bobby Gracey