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Loss or damage to property can happen in numerous ways and involve all sorts of different property. The CILA Property SIG Committee brings together a group of experienced property adjusters who have handled many such claims in their career. The group is committed to technical expertise in claims handling and regularly produces material which promotes thought and reflection on how to approach and overcome common challenges in claims. The committee also strives to keep members informed of industry developments, with several committee members contributing to industry discussions and initatives relevant to property claims handling.

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SIG Committee


Mike Weatherhead - vrs Vericlaim

Deputy Chairmen

  • Neil Baldwin - vrs Vericlaim
  • Paul Redington - Zurich


  • John Carey - Crawford & Company
  • David Damsell - Crawford & Company
  • Simon Hurst – Towers Willis Watson
  • David Jenkins - Davies Group Ltd
  • Alister Jupp - Cunningham Lindsey UK
  • Toby Knight - McLarens
  • Joyce Redfearn – Stream Claims Services
  • Denis Thorpe - Crawford & Company
  • Ian Woodhead - Matthews Daniel

Latest Updates

National Flood Resilience – what is the role of the claims community?

The UK government is under increasing pressure to improve the position on flooding and in recent events this has led to measures such as flood resilience grants. This session explored how government views the role of the insurance industry in flood response and how this may impact the claims process in future events. DEFRA's Robbie Craig outlined the work they are currently undertaking in preparation for future floods, and summarised the recent work of the Flood Resilience Roundtable work streams established in the wake on the 2015 floods. He also outlined the further support DEFRA would like to receive from the insurance industry. Roundtable work stream members Roy Shevlin of Cunningham Lindsey and Paul Redington of Zurich then shared their views as a loss adjuster and an insurer.

Robbie Craig, Policy Officer, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra)
Roy Shevlin, Building Consultancy Services Director, Cunningham Lindsey
Paul Redington, Major Loss Team, Zurich Insurance Plc

CILA Conference 2016 - National Flood Resilience - What is the role of the claims community

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An Insight into Insurance Rebuilding Costs is a practical and comprehensive guide to calculating rebuilding costs as a loss adjuster. The paper was written by John Carey of the CILA Property SIG. John is both a Chartered Loss Adjuster and Chartered Surveyor with considerable experience in the handling of property claims. The paper first outlines the background to calculating rebuilding costs and how the adequacy of the sum insured may be considered within insurance policies. Readers are then guided through the practical aspects of obtaining measurements and use of the BCIS guides when dealing with different types of property.

This paper by the CILA Property SIG is intended as a guidance document to understanding commercial leases, particularly in the context of dealing with insurance claims involving tenanted premises. The general areas covered are: purpose of a lease, structure of a typical lease, important parts in relation to insurance claims and claims issues.

This paper by John Carey of the CILA Property SIG describes the typical policy wording for the Public Authorities clause and examines what is meant by each aspect. The paper also provides an insight into building regulations and planning requirements to assist adjusters in their consideration of a Public Authorities clause.

At the recent CILA Conference 2015, Paul Redington of the Property SIG was pleased to chair a session by Andrew Creedon of Flood Re. Andrew outlined the background and key elements of the Flood Re scheme and explained what it means for the insurance industry.

Flood Re has announced the intention to "go live" in April 2016. In Parliament the remaining secondary legislation has been agreed and the next stage is for the regulations to be debated in a House of Lords committee. In the meantime the Flood Re Operations Forum is meeting monthly with a range of insurers and brokers to ensure that there is a strong awareness of the operational aspects of Flood Re’s delivery. As Andrew explained at the CILA Conference the scheme will have little operational impact on loss adjusters who will not receive claims direct from Flood Re but from insurers/brokers in the normal way. There will be no additional handling requirements although such claims may be subject to future audit by or on behalf of Flood Re as part of overall governance procedures.

Please see the following link for a summary of the Flood Re scheme, published by the ABI:


This section contains a short series of images with brief explanations intended to illustrate key points and findings in forensic fire investigation.

The series is provided by one of our Property SIG sponsors, IFIC Forensics. The series will be added to over time and images may be changed to provide variety so please check the series regularly. We hope you will find the series useful and informative and welcome any feedback.

We thank IFIC Forensics for their contribution.



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