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High Net Worth & Specie

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The handling of High Net Worth & Specie claims often requires a bespoke approach due to the nature of the items insured, the circumstances of the policyholder and the (sometimes tailor-made) insurance cover that has been arranged. The CILA High Net Worth & Specie Committee is made up of individuals who are experienced in this type of claims handling and have a strong appreciation of the high net worth customer. The committee supports the development of CILA members by sharing their knowledge and experiences and by providing a window into this interesting sector of the insurance market.

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SIG Committee


Bill Wilson - Insurance Engineering Services


  • Tim Carpenter - McLarens
  • Kevin Dinsdale - Crawford & Company
  • Helena Evans - Davies Group Ltd
  • Hayden Pyle - Hiscox 

Latest Updates

What CAR? for high net worth homes

This session explored the growth and development of Contractors All Risks (CAR) insurance for high net worth homes. The speakers shared their experiences of this new and evolving market, including the approach to claims and issues that can arise. Tim Carpenter of Cunningham Lindsey provided an adjuster perspective with the use of case studies.

Bill Wilson, Director UK Operations, Insurance Engineering Services
Matt Deaville, Partner, Kennedys
Tim Carpenter, Regional Manager (Private Client Services), Cunningham Lindsey

CILA Conference 2016 - What CAR for High Net Worth Homes


This event highlighted some of the particular constraints when working with heritage and art collections.

James McDowell of AXA Art’s presentations discusses issues such as valuations and the underwriter’s perspective on claims. Emma Dadson of Harwell shows what can be achieved by involving specialists early in the claims process and also talks about the emergency plans in heritage organisations and how they help the claims process.

We are delighted that 47 members and 8 non members were able to attend a lecture by the High Net Worth & Specie SIG on the subject of high net worth underwriting. John Lawton, Head of Underwriting at Iprism, provided an interesting insight into the world of an Underwriter including the factors he takes into consideration when assessing a risk, the type of cover that is typically provided by high net worth policies, the common problems that arise and the role that a Loss Adjuster can play. John further tested the knowledge of our members by asking them to identify the artists responsible for the paintings and pictures contained within his presentation. Well done to Simon Willsmer of Criterion Adjusters Ltd. who correctly identified 8 out of the 9 artists!

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  • Whiteford Chartered Surveyors

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